Hello Blogger, Good Bye Wordpress

The Style Soup by Elsie Ayala

Yes yes, as the title suggests it's time to say our adieu to The Style Soup on Wordpress, and welcome Blogger with open arms, hearts, and minds.  I have decided to join the many pioneer fashion/lifestyle bloggers before me and make the transition to the more fashion-friendly Blogger platform. 

I think this will make for a wonderful fresh start.  And if you followed me before, I invite you to continue to follow me on here too, as I suspect that some wonderful things are ahead.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Los invito a que me sigan en este proyecto que llamare mi blog de modas. No estoy exactamente segura que rumbo va a tomar. Pero supongo que siquiera servirá para que practique mi español....y la fotografía también. Solo tengo que averiguar como se usan los acentos en este teclado... 

Gracias amores, Elsie

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